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Square Cabinet Type Polit Freeze Dryer

Product Code : DS-FD-10113

Square Cabinet Type Polit Freeze Dryer
Square Cabinet Type Polit Freeze Dryer is suitable for laboratory samples of freeze drying test, and a small amount of production.
1. Pre-freezing and drying are in same place.
2. Shelf temperature is adjustable and easy to control.
3. 7 inch LCD touch screen. Adopt PID intelligent control system.
4. With cascade refrigeration technology.
5. Tray is easy to operate and clean.
6. Silicon oil is intermediate medium in the shelves for heating to ensure drying material uniformity.
7. Equipped with USB interface on control panel. It can copy the data and history data directly without additional software.
8. With historical data inquiry function, can store history data for one month.
9. Ice condenser and operation panel are made by stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
10. Front door is with high transparent colorless organic glass, the test process can be easily observed.

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