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Density Meters

Product Code : DS-DASGAGM-10475

Density Meters
o Built-in sampling pump automates the filling and emptying of the sample cell
o Lightweight, ergonomic design accommodates single-handed operation, right or left hand compatible
o Bright color display and backlit sample cell let you take accurate measurements in any lighting conditions
o Store 1100 measurements in internal memory
o This digital, portable density meter makes taking measurements outside of a laboratory setting quick and easy. 
o Simply push up on the joystick and the pump fills the sample chamber. 
o Rugged yet light and ergonomic construction allows frequent testing for extended periods of time without suffering from fatigue.
o Brightly colored display with intuitive menu-driven interface and glove-friendly single-handed operation offer convenience and ease of use. 
o Backlit sample cell lets you spot bubbles or other artifacts that may affect measurements. 
o Whether you are measuring samples at production intervals or out in the field, you will be confident you have accurate results. 
o Minimize errors and save time with the automatic internal sampling pump. 

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