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Cryoprecipitate Freezer

Product Code : DS-BB-10222

Cryoprecipitate Freezer
Cryoprecipitate Freezer Provides an ideal freezing environment for the preservation of Cryoprecipitate, Plasma, and test samples. The user-friendly design includes a built-in Stainless steel insulated inner door, and simple calibration is possible via the control panel. This unit Designed to maintain a stable and uniform temperature of up to -80.0°C, Vertical and Horizontal with four different sizes. This coupled with a visual and audible alarm system, ensures that your samples are both safe and secure, but also easy to access when you need them.

Micro Controlled Temperature controller with Audio Visual Alarm for high & Low 
Display of Set and Process value.
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel (304) Basket.
Temperature and Door Open
The unit is mounted on castor wheel for easy mobility.
Extra-strength non CFC refrigeration System.
CFC Free PUF Insulation to ensure temperature stability and save power consumption.

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