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Rotary Plough

Product Code : DS-EE-11518

Catalogue No. : “IDAC119/08”
• Long service life
• Immaculate finish
• Simple design
• High efficiency
• Sturdy construction
• Smooth performance

• Its blades are sharp and long enough to till depths of any soil and improve its organic structure.
• Its body frame work is strongly built and promises longer durability which makes it a reliable implement.
• It can till great depths, break massive clumps and ensure even leveling in just one pass.
• It is also very useful for converting a barren land into cultivable.
• Plough length- 3030mm.
• Distance from hydraulic to plough- 11490mm.
• Weight- 550 kgs.
• Plough disc size- 203-356.
• Reversible type- Hydraulic -180°.
• Ploughing Width-762-1067.
• Under frame clearance- 700mm.

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