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Insulation Tester

Product Code : DS-EE-11459

Features :-
• Bargraph to display insulation resistance.
• Displays the value of external AC voltage along with flashing symbol.
• Auto null function to automatically subtract the test lead resistance before displaying the real continuity resistance value.
• Trac-Lok mode to conserve battery life on insulation and continuity tests.
• Live circuit warning beeper.
• Releasing the test button automatically discharges the charges stored in the circuit under test.
• Backlight function to view the test results in dimly lit areas.

Technical Data :
Insulation Measurement Range: 0.2M Ω ~ 1000MΩ
Accuracy: ± (5% + 5d)
Voltage: 1000 Volt.
Accessories: Test lead, Instruction manual

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