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Hot Wire Anemometer with Calibration

Product Code : DS-AAM-10603

Hot Wire Anemometer with Calibration
This Hot Wire Anemometer measures both temperature and air velocity with two miniature glass-bead thermistors for greater precision—even at low air speeds. Air speed can be displayed in five different units of measure: ft/min, m/s, km/hr, mph, and knots. Switch between °F and °C at the flip of a switch. No moving parts means friction errors are eliminated—ideal for cleanrooms and environmental tests. Recall Min/Max temperatures and velocities, or freeze the display with the HOLD feature.
Eliminate friction errors caused by vane anemometers
Connect to a PC to monitor and store readings
Get accurate, reliable measurements with included NIST-traceable calibration
Obtain measurements from hard-to-reach places—probe extends to 3 feet (0.9 m).

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