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Scanning UV/Visible Spectrophotometers

Product Code : DS-SAS-10553

Scanning UV/Visible Spectrophotometers
Economical Scanning Spectrophotometers produce first-rate results using any UV/visible analytical method. High-quality components and systems enable superior resolution, accuracy, and reproducibility. View spectral graphics on backlit LCD. Sample compartment accommodates up to 8 cuvettes with pathlengths up to 100 mm. Specify method parametric setup using simple on-board keypad controls or from computer. Programmed methods include DNA/protein ratios (260/280 nm or 260/230 nm). Specify up to 10 wavelengths for multiple sample analysis or use the GLP protocol to verify wavelength and transmittance. Store up to 30 user methods in non-volatile memory. Study reaction kinetics for up to 12 hours with sampling intervals down to every 0.5 seconds, use post-run re-scaling and curve/segment targeting to refine rate calculations.
Sophisticated methods with graphic display
Scan speed is adjustable from 75 to 1000 nm/min
Programmed GLP verification protocols — use date/time stamping for documentation
Transfer data directly to printer using parallel port or interface with computer.

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