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Tintometer Long-Pathlength Color Meters

Product Code : DS-DASGAGM-10464

Tintometer Long-Pathlength Color Meters
The meter automatically measures color transmittance and displays results directly in industry color scales, CIE values, and as spectral data. Spectrophotometric color meters provide accurate, reliable color data from optically clear samples. The direct measurements on large LCD supply unbaised readings, unaffected by operator or environment.
The long-pathlength meter is ideal for very pale solutions, like drinking water, edible oils, fats and chemicals. The meter offers the option of a heated cell chamber to ensure samples remain in a liquid state.
Large graphic LCD with user-friendly prompts in several languages.
Easily removable sample chamber offering a range of sample cell sizes.
Data output meets GLP standards with date, time, sample, and user ID.
Extensive choice of standard color scales or customized color scales from reference samples.

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