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Anaerobic Incubator

Product Code : DS-I-10193

Anaerobic Incubator
This product is composed of operation room, cultivating room, sampling room, gas path, control system, bottle holder and disinfector, etc. 
It is ingeniously designed to from a stable anaerobic environment in the operation room. 

1. Microprocessor intelligent temperature control with over-temperature protection.
2. The gas flow can be adjusted for different inlet gas.
3. UV lamp for sterilization.
4. Dedicated gloves for a comfortable, flexible operation.
5. In the operation room it’s equipped with melting disinfector, experiment shelves, and oxygen eliminating catalyst.
6. Operation room is made of stainless steel and the front door is made of thick transparent shockproof special glass.

Control System

LED display

LCD display

Time for creating anaerobic state in

sample chamber


Time for creating anaerobic state in

operation chamber

<1 hour (Oxygen concentration≤1%)

Time for maintaining anaerobic


>12 h (when no supply of mixed gas)

Range of temperature-control in

incubation chamber


Temperature fluctuation in incubation chamber


Temperature uniformity in incubation chamber


Power Supply

AC110/220V±10%, 50Hz

Internal Size(W*D*H)mm


External Size(W*D*H)mm


Gross Weight (kg)



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