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Product Code : DS-OCF-10780

5 X 0.3 X 0.45 Metre Flume
The Flumes have various models available, giving students have a wide choice of experimentation in open channel flow. The flumes have pressure measurement tappings at 0.25 metre intervals along the working section. The Flumes have a built-in re-circulating water supply connected to a digital flow metre for accurate measurements during experimentation. These tappings can connect either to a multi-tube manometer or to a 32-way pressure display. A 300 mm wide 5 to 15 m long flume for student study and advanced research into a wide range of fluid flow topics. A huge range of ancillaries is available to extend learning potential and offers the opportunity for innovative experimentation. Measurements from these instruments combined with the digital flow meter provide the potential for extensive analysis of open channel flow for research or advanced study. A sturdy steel square-section firmly supports the channel throughout its length. It has a floor-standing frame that supports the working section at a convenient eye-level position for students. The Flume is made of transparent glass, precision-built to ensure parallel walls and a consistently accurate cross-section along its length. Screw jacks raise and lower the supports inclining the channel as required. A pump with a speed controller, forces water up to the flow settling chamber at the upstream end of the channel. The digital inclinometer gives an accurate display of the channel angle. This gives smooth, uniform flow, free from entry effects.

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