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Two-Stage Pumps
A compact, mobile and fully self-contained centrifugal pump test set, that allows students to find the characteristics of centrifugal pumps working alone or in series or parallel. A self contained floor standing mobile unit consisting of a water reservoir, two pumps and motors and a Venturi meter for a comprehensive range of investigations into the performance and characteristics of two centrifugal pumps in both series and parallel. It also allows students to see cavitation and understand the use of a Venturi meter and differential pressure measurement to find flow rate. Two bearing-mounted motors drive each pump independently. The water then returns to the reservoir for re-use, keeping water use to a minimum. The pumps draw water from the integral reservoir. The water travels through strainers and a series of valves to be delivered to a Venturi meter. The equipment can use both analogue and digital instrumentation at the same time, allowing students to compare the different pressure measurement methods.

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