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Friction Loss In A Pipe
A small bore straight test pipe on a base plate for measuring friction loss in a horizontal pipe to study laminar and turbulent flow. The apparatus shows the flow transition point from laminar to turbulent, and is ideal for demonstrations as well as student experiments. Also to find the critical Reynolds number and demonstrate the flow transition point. The Friction Loss in a Pipe apparatus allows students to study the change in the laws of resistance for laminar to turbulent flow and find the critical Reynolds number.
The back panel holds the manometer with calibrated scales. The water manometer measures lower differential pressures in the laminar and lower turbulent flow regions. Static pressure tappings upstream and downstream of the test pipe connect to a water manometer or a hand-held digital pressure meter. The water manometer includes an air valve and hand-pump. The hand-pump adjusts the datum of the water manometer where necessary. The pressure meter measures higher pressures in the turbulent flow region. A precision needle valve downstream of the test pipe accurately controls flow rate.

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