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Product Code : DS-FAPM-10756

Pressure Measurement Bench
A bench mounting apparatus to enable practical demonstrations and investigations into pressure and vacuum measurement techniques using manometers and Bourdon type gauges. Manometers and Bourdon gauges are fundamental pressure-measuring devices. They are intrinsic parts of more complex measuring instruments, such as pneumatic comparators and flow indicators. Pressure Measurement Bench enables students to fully investigate and compare the operation and characteristics of inclined and U-tube manometers, and Bourdon-type vacuum and pressure gauges. It is important therefore that students fully understand their operation, characteristics and principles of calibration. It also includes a separate Bourdon gauge with dead-weight calibration apparatus, enabling clear observation of the Bourdon tube mechanism.

The apparatus consists of two units:
A manometers and gauges unit
A Bourdon pressure gauge calibration unit

The manometers and gauges unit is a framed structure with a backboard, holding a:
U-tube manometer with an inclined limb,
Bourdon gauge for measuring vacuums,
Vertical U-tube manometer,
Bourdon gauge for measuring positive pressure, and
Syringe assembly for pressurising and reducing pressure.

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