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Flow Measurement Methods
A Venturi meter, an orifice plate meter and a rotameter that demonstrates typical methods of measuring the flow of an incompressible fluid and shows applications of Bernoulli's equation. Bernoulli’s equation works for each meter. Students measure flow using a Venturi meter, an orifice plate meter and a rotameter. Students find and compare the head losses for each meter. They also find the losses in a rapid enlargement and a 90-degree elbow. The product has a horizontal pipe that includes a Venturi meter, orifice plate and pressure tappings. An elbow connects the pipe to a rotameter with further pressure tappings. To perform experiments, students connect the product to the hydraulic bench supply, and set it to a low, steady flow through the apparatus. All pressure tappings connect to manometers held on a vertical panel behind the pipe work. The manometers measure and show pressure distribution against a calibrated scale.

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